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Volkswagen Rule the Road Instagram Virtual Scavenger Hunt

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There was a time when print ads inviting you to “Think Small” were an enticing and risqué move in the advertising world, but marketers have to think much bigger themselves these days. It’s not enough to create a witty slogan or photograph a vehicle in exotic places. Now, automakers want to provide an interactive experience through social media channels. This is just what VW is doing for the 2018 Tiguan with the Rule the Road Instagram Scavenger Hunt.

VW Rule the Road scavenger hunt lasts 21 days

The slogan for the new 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan is “King of the Concrete Jungle.” What better way to promote it than to let you find the model hidden within an urban landscape? Essentially, the Instagram game lets your follow the clues to find the Tiguan on a daily basis. The game is a little trickier than it first sounds, as there are multiple Tiguan images hidden, and you have to select the correct one based on clues.

This game is hosted @VWRuleTheRoad, a page setup just for this adventure. It’s also themed around one of our favorite new ads, “The New King,” a giant inflatable gorilla who just can’t get enough of the 2018 Tiguan. We hope you’ll feel the same way.