Video Reviews of the 2020 VW Golf: See this Renowned VW Compact Car in Action

January 13th, 2020 by

Experts Hail the 2020 VW Golf

Way back in 1975 when Volkswagen essentially created the hot hatch concept with the release of the first Golf, they had no way of knowing that they were creating an automotive dynasty that would consistently rate as one of the most beloved models for decades to come. Now experts are saying that the 2020 VW Golf takes the excellence of this renowned vehicle to entirely new heights by offering a compact car that manages to deliver unrivaled comfort, versatility, and even performance.

We could go on, but we thought you’d rather see the 2020 VW Golf in action.

Video Reviews of the 2020 VW Golf

The 2020 VW Golf Is Coming Soon

Ready to see what has experts so excited about the latest VW compact car? There’s no specific release date for the 2020 VW Golf yet, but it will be coming to our Tampa Volkswagen dealer the moment it’s available.

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