What Is Tire Rotation?

July 5th, 2018 by

2019 Volkswagen Jetta Driving

In short, tire rotation is the process of moving tires from one wheel to another, from left to right or front to back. So how does tire rotation work, and how often is it necessary to do? Tampa drivers can find out with Reeves Volkswagen! And when it’s time, be sure to schedule your tire service with us to get ready for your next Florida road trip!

Why Get Tires Rotated?

Tires typically wear unevenly. Those in the front often wear more on the outside edges thanks to turning, while those in back usually wear pretty evenly. However, leaving tires in place means that your front tires will wear much more quickly than the rest, and you’ll end up having to them replaced much sooner. Poor tire alignment also causes uneven tire wear.

2018 Volkswagen Passat Turning a Corner
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When to Get Tires Rotated

How often you should rotate your tires depends on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. Often, drivers have their tires rotated when they get their oil changed. However, if you notice signs of irregular wear, make sure to have your tires rotated, even if this occurs before your regular interval. It’s important to stay on top of Volkswagen auto repair to keep your VW model in top shape.

Mechanic Putting Tire on Car
Auto mechanic at wheel alignment work with spanner

Schedule Tire Service Near Orlando

Schedule your tire rotation with the Reeves Volkswagen Service Center, where our technicians can also answer all of your important service questions! Be sure to check out our Volkswagen service coupons before stopping by. Be sure to follow our guide to know how to change your tires!

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